MARBO – Made in Botticino, Italy

MARBO We are the leading producers of original Botticino Classico Marble which is quarried, cut and finished in Brescia, Italy Video play video
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What we do

From quarry to finished product

From excavation to final laying, including processing, marketing and project design: expertise and know-how that encompass the entire supply chain. With 200 years of experience and state-of-the-art processing techniques, Marbo is a network of companies specialized in the quarrying and processing of Botticino Classico Marble, and with strong ties to the local area.

It all begins in Botticino, a town of 10,000 inhabitants in the heart of the marble region east of Brescia. It is here that the one and only Botticino Classico Marble is mined, famous for its ochre-veined white-ivory color and excellent compactness and durability that make it extremely versatile. These quarries are the home of Botticino marble, and from here it is transformed into one of the most highly-prized decorative stones in the world, stone capable of making an architectural design unique and being transformed into fine detailing. From the La Scala Opera House in Milan, to New York’s Grand Central Terminal or the Roman ruins in the old section of Brescia and modern luxury hotels throughout the world, Botticino Classico has always been an unmistakable sign of quality and sophistication.

A versatile material of the highest quality that is extracted and processed to the finest standards to offer architects and designers a full range of creative possibilities.
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About us

A network of professionals

Three well-established companies, each with its own, yet complementary, area of specialization to create a harmonious and complete approach to the production of Botticino Classico Marble and other ornamental stones.

Thanks to the synergy between three leading local companies—the Cooperativa Operai Cavatori del Botticino, the Cooperativa Valverde and Ghirardi Stone Contractors—Marbo is one of the beacons of manufacturing excellence in the Lombardy region. The three companies controlling nearly 50% of Botticino Classico Marble resources guarantee their professional know-how and experience throughout the entire supply chain, from the quarrying of the stone through exportation of the finished product across the globe.
Through the skill and professionalism of its members, this network adds its contribution to enhancing the marble products using state-of-the-art production processes, backed by engineering departments specialized in developing advanced approaches for using this authentically natural stone in projects.
Marbo is, therefore, the ideal, reliable partner in the creation of ambitious projects on an international scale.

The long history of the Cooperativa Operai Cavatori had its start in Botticino in 1932 when nine quarrymen joined forces to create what would soon become a major reference point in the stone sector — a company no longer specialized in quarrying alone, but the entire marble production cycle. Today, its worksites produce raw and polished slabs, marble-chip floor tiles and products ready for installation. The Cooperativa is a founding member of the Consorzio Produttori Marmo Botticino Classico.
Innovation and research are the two cornerstones of this company which, for the last thirty years, has become a part of the history of Botticino Classico Marble, producing 30,000 tons each year. From the finest quality raw stone extracted from its quarries, the Cooperativa Valverde uses the most advanced techniques to create polished slabs and marble-chip tiles sold on international markets.
Ghirardi is an Italian company founded in 1938 that has been active in the natural stone sector for three generations. They combine experience, competence and dedication with tradition and innovation to offer their customers products of the highest quality and prestige, where skilled craftsmanship is backed by modern cross-sector technical services. The know-how they have acquired over generations and the high level of specialization allows them to provide a full-service product with a synergistic approach that has made Ghirardi Stone Contractors a partner of excellence for innumerable architects and designers in Italy and abroad. The company offers one of the most extensive product catalogs in the sector, including a number of exclusive products mined in their own quarries.